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App Dev: The Case for Web-First Development

What does it take to build an app? And why should you consider a web-first strategy? We dive deeper into an often overlooked best practice.

Leah Shea Leah Shea

11 minutes

Building Interactivity: A Study of Anatomy

Interactivity is a necessary feature in many digital solutions. We explore the necessary elements to creating interactivity in a complex subject - the human anatomy.

Leah Shea Leah Shea

4 minutes

POC: Interactive 3D Models

We test the development of a 3D model in an interactive environment. The intent is to build modules that can be incorporated into digital apps.

Leah Shea Leah Shea

3 minutes

Exploring Facial Recognition Technology

How effective is facial recognition technology today? We test the functionality and features of this technology, exploring the accuracy, bias, and limitations impacting its use.

Leah Shea Leah Shea

10 minutes

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation impacts all industries and brings our global world closer together. What we implement and how we implement is more important than ever.

Leah Shea Leah Shea

3 minutes
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