Proof of Concept: Grading Morphs

Author by Leah Shea

2 minutes
Tags: technology
Proof of Concept: Grading Morphs

Welcome to MKI's Dev Lab! As technology changes, we love to explore, highlight, and test novel concepts and developments.


"Can you do it?"

We are frequently asked this question by new and existing clients. Anyone who builds anything for a living - whether it's houses or software - can relate. For us, the answer is always "if it can be done, we can do it". 

So when a client asked for an interactive video scrubber that can move forward or backward by frame, we set to work to build a solution.

Use Case 

While there are several applications for this functionality, our primary use case centered around education. Specifically, to help medical students understand disease progression and the varying degrees of a specific complication or condition.

Our specialty prototype used a video of an eye with progressive grades of conjunctival redness, a common condition.


Not only can you scrub by frame, moving forward and backward with simple controls, the application will also tell you the grade of that particular frame. Hence the name: grading morphs.

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